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A Queen Victoria Gilt Metal Portrait Profile Roundel.

Cased George III Silver and Mother of Pearl Dessert Knives & Forks for Twelve. London 1801/03 Joseph Taconet.

A Large Georgian Old Sheffield Plate Armorial Salver, circa 1810 - 1820, with the Arms of Jackson & Whyte-Melville.

A Large Bronzed Metal Horse Head Stirrup Cup, Finely Cast.

A William Pitt Gilt Metal Portrait Profile Roundel, Glazed and Framed, circa 1800.

An Early 19th Century French Fused Plate Flat Ovoid Spirit Flask.

An Anglo Indian Silver Inkwell, Kashmir circa 1890.

An Anglo Indian Silver Hip Flask, Kashmir circa 1880.

An Anglo Indian Silver Embossed Lidded Mug. Middleton & Co. Calcutta, circa 1850. 8.8 troy ounces.

A George VI Silver Inkstand. Birmingham 1938 Asprey & Co. Ltd. 10.9 troy ounces.

A 19th Century Aesthetic Period Rectangular Copper Box with Hinged Cover.

A Victorian Maritime Silver Plated Trophy Cup, with Straw Hat Base & Oar Supports, Sailor & Anchor Engraved Detail.

A Victorian Cold Painted Brass Snuff Box in the Form of a Lion's Head. With Hinged Cover & Hand Painted Facial Features.

HMS Foudroyant Copper Cigarette Case.

Calcutta Scottish British Indian Army Silver Cigar Box, Applied Regimental Badge 'To Colour Sergt T.H.L Brown from members of F.Coy 1917'. Birmingham 1916 Charles S. Green & Co. Ltd.

A Queen Anne Britannia Silver Two Handled Cup & Cover with the Arms of Stephens & Highmore. Domed Cover with Triple Knop Finial, Leaf-Capped Scroll Handles & Applied Girdle, Pelican crest and Armorial. London 1706 Francis Garthorne. 32.6 troy ounces.

A George III set of Ten Silver and Mother of Pearl Dessert Forks. Sheffield 1816.

Vice Admiral Viscount Nelson, A Black Basalt Relief Portrait Profile Plaque.

HMS Victory, A George V Silver Snuff Box with Bright Cut Engraved Detail of Victory and other Ships. London 1928 Pairpoint Bros (HMS Victory was Opened to the Public in 1928).

A 19th Century Brass Portrait Profile Plaque of George II.

An Edwardian Silver Plated Box Presented to The Right Rev Bishop Taylor Smith CVO DD Chaplain General to HM Forces. He was the Chaplain General throughout the First World War.

Early to First Half 19th Century Brass Military Themed Snuff Box. Adorned with Cannon, Sword, Flags, Drum, Medal and Crowns.

Late 19th Century Tortoiseshell and Gold Pique Coin Purse (Interior Missing).

Queen Victoria's Own Madras Sappers and Miners, British Indian Army Silver Plated Tankard.

Admiral Benjamin William Page (1765 - 1845), Ipswich 1820. A Set of Eight Uniface Lead or Pewter Clichés by B. Andrieu, Comprising: Storming of the Bastille, 1789, 80mm; Arrival of Louis XVI in Paris, 1789, 80mm; St Bernard Pass, yr 8 [1800], 65mm; Battle of Marengo, yr 8 [1800], 65mm; Napoleon, Laureate Head Left, 64mm; Napoleon, Laureate Bust Right, 65mm; Empress Josephine, Diademed Bust Right, 65mm; Empress Marie Louise, Diademed Bust Right, 64mm [8]. Each with Glazed Lunette, Housed on Velvet Tray Within Leather Bound Wooden Box.

Napoleon Bonaparte, a Uniface Copper Plated Lead Medal by B. Andrieu, Laureate Bust Left, 145mm; Napoleon and Marie Louise, a Uniface Copper-Plated Lead Medal by B. Andrieu, Conjoined Busts Left, 138mm. Each Set in Copper Frame with Glazed Lunette.

A Victorian Pair of Brass Relief Portrait Profile Plaques of George III and Queen Charlotte, circa 1880.

An Arts & Crafts Cigarette Box made using Copper from HMS Britannia Cadet Training Ship, Dartmouth, 1869 - 1905. Launched in 1860 as a 121 Gun Line-Of-Battle Three Decker.

The Battles of Waterloo, Quatre Bras & The Peninsular War: Major General Sir Alexander Dickson GCB KCB KTS, George III Silver Presentation Salver. London 1816, William Eaton. 40 troy ounces.

A 19th Century Gilt Metal Circular Box, the Push-Fitting Cover set with a Polychrome Print Depicting a Punch and Judy Show, Within an Engine Turned Border of Palmettes, circa 1870.

The Duke of Wellington, 19th Century Sulphide Glass Paperweight.

'William The Fourth' Gilt Medallion Burr Wood Snuff Box with Tortoiseshell Interior, circa 1830 - 1837.

An Early 20th Century French Silver Plated Circular Table Snuff Box.

'Poland Fighting on the Fronts of the World War'. A Bronze Relief Plaque Commemorating Polish Forces Fighting in the Falaise Pocket of Normandy in August 1944. Inscribed for the 1st Armoured Division, 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade.

A Maltese Roman Standard (917) Silver Ink Blotter (Said to be a Prop from The Crown).

A Large George III Old Sheffield Plate Shield Shaped Coffee Pot, circa 1790.

A George III Commemorative Gilt Brass Tondo for Admiral Lord Nelson, After Peter Wyon circa 1806. Oak Leaf & Acorn Border, within an Ebonised Circular Frame and Convex Glass.

A George VI Bombay Grenadiers and 28th Punjabis Silver Salver. London 1937 Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. Ltd. 19.8 troy ounces.

A George III set of Silver & Mother of Pearl Dessert Knives and Forks for Twelve. Sheffield 1819 James Crawshaw.

A William IV Silver Inkstand with Presentation Inscription. London 1831 Joseph Angell I & John Angel I. 18 troy ounces.

Thomas Tufton, 6th Earl of Thanet, 18th Baron de Clifford (1644 - 1729), A George I Set of Twelve Britannia Silver Crested Tablespoons. London 1722 Samuel Hitchcock. 27.4 troy ounces.

19th Century Napoleon Bonaparte Ebonised Snuff Box with Tortoiseshell Interior, Gilt Metal Relief Bust with Laurel Crown, After Eugene Morel.

George IV Old Sheffield Plate Salver, Later Chased.

A William IV Old Sheffield Plate Entree Dish & Cover, circa 1835. Dixon & Sons.

HMS Foudroyant, Nelson's Flagship; Copper Relief Plaque Mounted on an Oak Shield Plaque, 'Made From The Old Foudroyant'.

Framed Uniface Electrotypes of Pistrucci's Waterloo Medal. Issued by the Waterloo Committee in 1975. 

General Sir James Fergusson: A Victorian Silver Inkstand “Presented by the inhabitants of Gibraltar to Lt. Gen. Sir J. Fergusson KCB, 1859”. General Fergusson fought in the Peninsular War with the Light Division and Later Served as Governor of Gibraltar. London 1857 Robert Hennell III, 29 troy ounces. 

Napoleon Bonaparte, A Large Cast Bronze Portrait Plaque after Louis-Simon Boizot (French 1743-1809). Uniformed bust facing right, AN VI (1797/1798), Early 19th Century.

A George IV Silver and Mother of Pearl Dessert Service for Twelve, Sheffield 1822 & 1825 by Joseph Law, John Oxley & Henry Atkin.


Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield, A Framed 'Brummagen' Gilt Metal Portrait Profile Bust.

The 1797 Battle of Cape St. Vincent Watercolour by Marine Artist George Odlin (1947 - 2012), late 20th Century. Oak Framed & Glazed.

A Napoleon Bonaparte Framed and Glazed Wax Portrait Profile.

Large Metalware Bust of Napoleon Bonaparte, After Felix Lecomte.

A Large Silvered Plaster High Relief Ancient Battle Scene. Glazed in an Oval Frame, After Justin Mathieu.

'Naval Victories', A Pierced Gilt Metal Box Containing Six Gilt Bronze Medalets for Lord Exmouth (Algiers August 1816), Earl Howe (The French Fleet Defeated off Ushant 1 June 1794), Earl St. Vincent (The Spanish Fleet Defeated 14 Feby 1797), Admiral Duncan (The Dutch Fleet Defeated 11 Octr 1797), Sir Sydney Smith (Acre Defended, Buonaparte Repulsed, Syria Saved) and Lord Nelson (Nile 1 Augt 1798, Copenhagen 1 April 1801, Trafalgar 21 Oct 1805). The Box and Tokens circa 1816.

A 19th Century Set of Eight Grand Tour Framed Plaster Roundels.

A Pair of Framed Copper Relief Plaques of King George V and Queen Mary.

A French Silver Box 'Paris Plage 1914 - 1916', with Gilded Interior. Albert Deflon, Paris.

A 19th Century Framed & Glazed Gilt Metal Portrait Profile of the Duke of Wellington.

George IV Silver Dessert Knives & Forks for Six. Sheffield 1827 Aaron Hadfield.

A French Silver Plate on Copper Wood Lined Box, the Cover with Engraved Picture 'Le Billet Doux', after the Picture by Mariano Alonso Perez. Engraved by P. Girard.

A Silver Plated Box with Wood Lined Interior, the Cover with Image of TSS Arandora Star. She was a 1930's British Cruise Ship, converted to a Troop Ship in WW2. In 1940 she was Sunk by a German U-Boat with the Loss of 805 Souls, Mainly Interned Germans & Italians.

An Arts & Crafts Silver Plated Box. The Cover Inset with an Enamel Roundel.

A Framed Gilt Metal Relief Portrait Profile of Napoleon Bonaparte.

A William IV Silver Inkstand. London 1837 George Frederick Pinnell. 15 troy ounces.

A Large 19th Century Copper Relief Portrait Profile of Napoleon Bonaparte Housed Within a Circular Wooden Frame.

An Ornate Victorian Silver Plated Inkstand with Two Diamond Cut Glass Ink Bottles, Wax Compartment, Taperstick Holder and Snuffer, circa 1850 - 60.

George IV Silver and Carved Mother of Pearl Cased Dessert Knives and Forks for Twelve. Sheffield 1824 - 29, Aaron Hadfield.

Six George II Silver Tablespoons of Hanoverian Pattern. London 1742 James Wilks. Ex Dutton Manor, Lancashire. 13.2 troy ounces.

An Indian Colonial Silver Inkstand with Presentation Inscription to 35 (Madras Presidency) Squadron, RAF from the Madras Governor’s War Fund. Orr Silver, Madras circa 1947. 46 troy ounces.

19th Century Gilt Metal Relief Profile of the Duke of Wellington.

Anglo Indian Silver Armorial Waiter for Lieutenant General Henry Thomas CB. He fought in the Peninsular War and the War of 1812. A Detailed Heraldry Report Accompanies this item. Mathies & Barron, Bombay circa 1830. 13.9 troy ounces.

British Indian Army Cased Set of Six Silver Teaspoons for North Western Railway Volunteer Rifles.

An Early 20th Century Cased Set of Twelve Silver Plated Teaspoons with Arts & Crafts Detail to the Stems. Retailed by Hamilton & Inches, Edinburgh. Made by Charles James Allen of Sheffield.

A Victorian Cased Set of Four Gilt Lined Silver Plated Cauldron Salts with Beaded Detail & Raised on Hoof Feet. With Four Matching Salt Spoons. Elkington & Co. 1883/84.

George VI Cased Set of Six Silver & Enamel Teaspoons, Pierced Crest & 'HMS RENOWN' to each Terminal. Issued to Commemorate her 1926 Refit. Birmingham 1926 Souvenir Manufacturing Co. 2.3 troy ounces.

A Victorian Silver Plated Souffle Dish & Liner. Elkington & Co. 1893.

A Set of Four Russian First Half 19th Century Copper Relief Plaques. Of Neoclassical Style Commemorating Military Achievements in 1812 & 1826. 

A Large George IV Silver Inkstand. London 1825 Joseph Angell I. 51 troy ounces.

An Edwardian Silver Inkstand. London 1903 Solomon Joel Phillips. 19.9 troy ounces.

An Edwardian Silver Inkstand. London 1908 Charles Asprey & George Asprey. 25 troy ounces.

A George V set of Six Silver Teaspoons with the Cypher for the First Calcutta Volunteer Rifles. Sheffield 1915 Mappin & Webb.

Victorian Cast Iron Relief Plaque of The Duke of Wellington by Jobson's of Derby, dated 1854.

An Elizabeth II Silver Box of circular form, the hinged cover applied with the bust of Nelson with H.M.S Victory engraved behind, inscribed 'HORATIO NELSON 1805-2005', in a fitted box. London 2005 Richard Jarvis of Pall Mall. 6.3 troy ounces.

A Set of Six George II Silver Hanoverian Tablespoons. London 1740. 12.8 troy ounces.

Six George II Silver Hanoverian Tablespoons. London 1738 Richard Pargeter. 11.3 troy ounces.

A Pair of Early Victorian Old Sheffield Plate Oval Meat Dishes. Crested for General Sir James Yorke Scarlett KCB. He Commanded the Heavy Brigade at The Battle of Balaklava in 1854 during The Crimean War, Defeating a Numercially Stronger Russian Army.

A George III Silver Meat Skewer. London1802 probably William Eley I. 3.1 troy ounces.

A George III Silver Soup Ladle. London 1808 Peter & William Bateman. 6.1 troy ounces.

George V Silver Treasury Inkstand Presented to Lionel de Rothschild from the Marquess of Londonderry. London 1912 Lambert & Co. 67 troy ounces.

George IV Cased Silver Dessert Service for Twelve. London 1822 Richard Poulden.

George II Silver Christening Mug. London 1754 William Grundy. 2.6 troy ounces.

Late Victorian Cased Set of Silver Fish Servers. Sheffield 1897 James Deakin & Sons. The Fitted Case with Burgundy Silk & Velvet Lined Interior.

Pair of William Bateman Crested Silver Entree Dishes & Covers. London 1824.

George III Pair of Silver Hash Dishes & Covers. London 1792 Edward Fernell.

Silver Plated Meat Domes for The Earl of Shrewsbury with Coronet and Lion Silver Handles by Paul Storr.