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A Small Circular Relief Plaque of Queen Anne.

A Small Circular Relief Plaque of Queen Charlotte.

A George IV Set of Silver Handled Dessert Knives & Forks for Eight Persons with Steel Blades/Tines. Sheffield 1823 Aaron Hadfield.

A Victorian Art Movement Shield Shape Silver Plated Wine Ewer with Neoclassical and Secessionist Detail, circa 1870.

A Uniface Medallion of William III with Laurel Wreath.

A 19th Century Boxwood Counter Box, the Draught-Turned Screw-Fitting Cover Enclosing Nine Armorial Watercolour Roundels.

A Late 19th Century Patinated Spelter Relief Portrait Plaque of the Duke of Clarence (1864 - 1892) in a turned wooden frame, 17.5cm diameter.

A Wax Portrait Roundel of Napoleon Bonaparte, Housed in a Brass Frame with Milled Border.

An Early 20th Century Cased Set of Twelve Silver Plated Teaspoons with Arts & Crafts Detail to the Stems. Retailed by Hamilton & Inches, Edinburgh. Made by Charles James Allen of Sheffield.

An Edwardian  Arts & Crafts Silver Lidded Tankard of Tapering Cylindrical Form, the Hinged Lid with Scroll Thumbpiece above a Scroll Handle. London 1910 Elkington & Co Ltd. 13.9 troy ounces.

A George III set of Twelve Scottish Silver Dessert Spoons. Edinburgh 1813 Alexander Henderson. 13.2 troy ounces.

A George IV Set of Six Irish Silver Kings Pattern Tablespoons. Dublin 1827 Thomas Farnett. 19.5 troy ounces.

A Victorian Cased Set of Four Gilt Lined Silver Plated Cauldron Salts with Beaded Detail & Raised on Hoof Feet. With Four Matching Salt Spoons. Elkington & Co. 1883/84.

George V Pair of Silver Plated Corinthian Column Candlesticks, each with Inscription 'From The Officers 55th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force) 1st June 1915'. This was a regiment of the British Indian Army. Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. Ltd.

George VI Silver Plated Presentation Salver for 7th Battalion The Duke of Wellington's Regiment (TA). Harrison Brothers & Howson (Viners), Sheffield circa 1930.

George VI Cased Set of Six Silver & Enamel Teaspoons, Pierced Crest & 'HMS RENOWN' to each Terminal. Issued to Commemorate her 1926 Refit. Birmingham 1926 Souvenir Manufacturing Co. 2.3 troy ounces.

Pair of George V Silver Beakers Inscribed 'From the Wardroom Mess HMS Mons 29th September 1915'. London 1914 by S W Smith & Co. 3.8 troy ounces.

An Edwardian Silver Plated Novelty Inkwell in the form of a Cricket Ball with Cricket Bats and Stumps.

A Late 19th/Early 20th Century French Silver Soup-Ladle with Foliate Stamped Handle. Emile Puiforcat, Paris. 7.9 troy ounces.     

Six Early 19th Century French Silver Vermeil (Silver Gilt) Dessert Spoons. Each Detailed with an Inner Border of Fruiting Vines with Mascaron to the top within a 'Dot & Dash' border, verso with Panels of Doves, Fruiting Vines and a Shield Shaped Cartouche Crest of AILLEN. Marked for Cincinnatus Lorillon, Paris (1819-39), Cockerel 1st Standard and Guarantee Marks for 950/1000 Standard Silver. 11.5 troy ounces.

Six George II Hanoverian Pattern Silver Tablespoons. Hallmarked for London 1739 by Thomas Jackson I. Four with Crests and Two with Armorials for the 1st Duke of Montrose (Clan of Graham). 13.5 troy ounces.

A 19th Century Charles James Fox Brass Snuff Box.

A George III Old Sheffield Plate Inkstand. Matthew Boulton, circa 1810.

A Victorian Silver Plated Souffle Dish & Liner. Elkington & Co. 1893.

A Set of Four Russian First Half 19th Century Copper Relief Plaques. Of Neoclassical Style Commemorating Military Achievements in 1812 & 1826. 

A Duke of Wellington Ebonised Cast Iron Plaque, probably Litchurch Works, Derby, circa 1854.

A George III Old Sheffield Plate Baluster Ewer, Fruitwood Handle with Acanthus Boss Sockets, 34.5cm high, circa 1800.

Uniface Medallion for Admiral Lord Exmouth (Obverse of the 1816 Bombardment of Algiers Medal).

Victorian circular ebonised framed parian ware plaque titled 'The Fall of the Rebel Angels', after Robert Jefferson Lambeth. Marked for the Art Union of London.

Duke of Wellington Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, 1839, uniface bronze strikings of the obverse and reverse of the medal by B. Wyon. Set inside the lid and base of a wooden box.

Duke of Wellington Appointed Governor of Plymouth, 1819, silver clichés of the obverse and reverse of the medal by T. Webb. Glazed and set in brass rings within a wooden frame.

An Indian Colonial Silver Trophy Goblet. The bowl with embossed deity astride various animals, on a knopped stem with inscription in memory of Captain Alexander Pringle Samuells who died in the Second Afghan Campaign on 7th July 1880. Features regimental badge of the 32nd Punjab Pioneers (32nd Bengal Native Infantry, 32nd Sikh Pioneers). Late 19th Century, Peter Orr & Sons, Madras. 12.2 troy ounces.

Royal Canadian Armed Forces Uniface Bronze Medallion presented by Admiral Sir Michael Boyce GCB OBE ADC Chief of Defence Staff.

A Large George IV Silver Inkstand. London 1825 Joseph Angell I. 51 troy ounces.

A Georgian, George III, OId Sheffield Plate Coffee Pot with the Marital Arms of Brigadier General Sir William Cator (1785 - 1866) K.C.B., circa 1810 - 20. As a young Second Lieutenant, in the Royal Artillery, he fought with Wellington in the Peninsular War. He was Mentioned in Dispatches by Wellington on Several Occasions.

A Set of Twelve George IV Scottish Silver Tablespoons, with Engraved Crest of Lion Passant over Coronet under the Ribboned Motto "Vivre Pour Mourir Mourir Pour Vivre". Edinburgh 1822  Alexander Henderson. 31 troy ounces.

A George V Silver Double Inkstand. Presented to Josslyn Seymour Egerton, Coldstream Guards, by Prince Arthur Duke of Connaught & Son of Queen Victoria. London 1911 D and J Wellby. 37.6 troy ounces.

An Edwardian Silver Inkstand. London 1903 Solomon Joel Phillips. 19.9 troy ounces.

An Edwardian Silver Inkstand. London 1908 Charles Asprey & George Asprey. 25 troy ounces.

A George V set of Six Silver Teaspoons with the Cypher for the First Calcutta Volunteer Rifles. Sheffield 1915 Mappin & Webb.

Victorian Cast Iron Relief Plaque of The Duke of Wellington by Jobson's of Derby, dated 1854.

An Elizabeth II Silver Box of circular form, the hinged cover applied with the bust of Nelson with H.M.S Victory engraved behind, inscribed 'HORATIO NELSON 1805-2005', in a fitted box. London 2005 Richard Jarvis of Pall Mall. 6.3 troy ounces.

An Early 19th Century Pressed Horn Snuff Box in the Form of Napoleon's Bicorn Hat, depicting Napoleon on Horseback.

A Set of Six George II Silver Hanoverian Tablespoons. London 1740. 12.8 troy ounces.

A George VI Silver Salver with Cypher for the Royal Artillery and Inscription for Lieutenant Colonel John Wesley Harper Gow OBE. Sheffield 1944 Thomas Bradbury & Sons. 27.5 troy ounces.

Six George II Silver Hanoverian Tablespoons. London 1738 Richard Pargeter. 11.3 troy ounces.

A Pair of Early Victorian Old Sheffield Plate Oval Meat Dishes. Crested for General Sir James Yorke Scarlett KCB. He Commanded the Heavy Brigade at The Battle of Balaklava in 1854 during The Crimean War, Defeating a Numercially Stronger Russian Army.

A George III Silver Meat Skewer. London1802 probably William Eley I. 3.1 troy ounces.

A George III Silver Soup Ladle. London 1808 Peter & William Bateman. 6.1 troy ounces.

George V Silver Treasury Inkstand Presented to Lionel de Rothschild from the Marquess of Londonderry. London 1912 Lambert & Co. 67 troy ounces.

George III Armorial Silver Inkstand with the Arms of Chasey. London 1768 Andrew Fogelberg. 21 troy ounces.

George IV Cased Silver Dessert Service for Twelve. London 1822 Richard Poulden.

George II Silver Christening Mug. London 1754 William Grundy. 2.6 troy ounces.

Late Victorian Cased Set of Silver Fish Servers. Sheffield 1897 James Deakin & Sons. The Fitted Case with Burgundy Silk & Velvet Lined Interior.

Pair of William Bateman Crested Silver Entree Dishes & Covers. London 1824.

George III Pair of Silver Hash Dishes & Covers. London 1792 Edward Fernell.

Silver Plated Meat Domes for The Earl of Shrewsbury with Coronet and Lion Silver Handles by Paul Storr.