Ivory Act 2018

Some of the pieces for sale on our website contain small amounts of pre 1947 ivory. All such pieces advertised for sale comply fully with the terms of the Ivory Act 2018 and can be legally sold within the UK. As a purchaser of such an item you are legally allowed to own and sell it at a future date within the UK.

Any item containing ivory cannot be exported from the UK for sale abroad.

Such items have now been registered with the Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA). The APHA have allocated an individual reference number that can then be checked by a potential customer, to ensure it has been registered. This reference number is clearly displayed in each item's description. Guidance on checking such items can be found at:


Once purchased you just need to email the Animal & Plant Health Agency at:


They will require the reference number (shown on our website listing), your name, postal address and email address.

There is no fee for registering yourself as the new owner.

A £20 fee is payable if you later decide to sell the item.